Did you know that there is more than one option if you require metal braces?  At Braces U, our self-ligating brackets offer a more comfortable alternative than traditional metal braces.

With traditional braces, the brackets require the use of rubber ligatures to secure the wire.  Anyone who has had to undergo this kind of treatment knows that it can be uncomfortable.  Also, these bands lose effectiveness over time which is one of the reasons it’s necessary to visit your orthodontist more often (every 4 – 6 weeks).

Studies have shown that teeth react very well to continuous yet mild force.  Damon self-ligating braces do just that.  They do not have the same brackets and arch wires that traditional braces have.  Instead, they make use of a free-slipping technology that offers quicker treatment time and fewer trips to the orthodontist.  With our Damon braces, office visits are needed only once every 8-10 weeks.  This means you make approximately half as many visits to the orthodontist with Damon braces as you would traditional braces!  Who wouldn’t want that convenience?  At Braces U, we can’t wait to help you achieve that perfect smile you’ve always wanted, comfortably.

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