Don’t try this at home

Do it Yourself Braces… really? Not a good idea.”  The internet is full of dangerous ideas of how to perform everything from your own haircut to medical procedures.  Recently, various videos have been circulating about at home orthodontics and do-it-yourself tricks for straightening teeth that claim to close gaps with hair bands and other home goods.  These methods are not only dangerous but won’t yield the result you’re looking for no matter what promises are made. Do-it-yourself orthodontics remedies may do more harm than good, as those who experiment could lose teeth and end up in severe pain or with an infection. The following article helps explain some of the dangers and falsehoods about these pseudo orthodontic gap-reducing methods.

Certified orthodontists are professionals that complete a four year post-graduate doctoral program to become dentists and then complete another two to three year specialty program designed to understand the intricacies of tooth, jaw and mouth movement.  The orthodontists at Braces U are trained to know when to recommend treatment to prevent significant jaw and bite problems, close gaps, and straighten teeth.  Furthermore, they can identify the need for jaw surgeries or extraction of baby teeth.  Braces U offers completely free, no obligation consultations that include an exam and free panoramic x-rays designed to give you a clear idea of your orthodontic needs. Furthermore, we offer interest-free financing plans that make getting a professional smile on a budget possible.  Doesn’t that sound better than trusting hair bands to do the trick? Visit to schedule today!  We also offer 6 convenient locations to suit your orthodontics needs.