Clear Braces? Yes, Please.

Clear braces are a popular option for those patients seeking a more discreet approach to orthodontic treatment. However some have found that certain brands of clear braces are prone to staining – especially if you enjoy coffee, tea, berries and other foods with a high concentrate of natural or artificial colors.  At Braces U, we offer Damon Clear Braces that stays clear during your entire treatment no matter what you eat or drink.

Damon Clear Braces utilize a stain-resistant, transparent bracket that doesn’t require elastic ties, so you get a clear, more natural and subtle look. These specialized brackets are also proven to reduce discomfort and treatment time, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Because these brackets have sturdy “doors” just like the metallic version, there is no need for tightening appointments every four weeks. Instead, you only visit our Braces U campus every 8-10 weeks for adjustments, which translates to less time off of school and work. Damon Clear provides a winning combination of truly translucent braces for a more discrete look while creating a beautiful smile in fewer visits!

If you’re looking for a more discrete look to your braces, give Braces U Orthodontics a call today at 970-226-5505! We also offer 5 convenient locations to suit your orthodontics needs.