We at Braces U Orthodontics believe that birthday parties, Halloween, and trips to the movie theater can all still be enjoyed with yummy treats that come with them. Our caring, professional staff will go over tips on how to enjoy these fun foods and how to best care for your braces after eating.  Whether it means sucking on a piece of candy instead of chewing it to breaking it down to manageable sizes, we think most problem foods have a Braces U solution.

There are some treatments that use orthodontic appliances that are more sensitive to certain sticky foods than others and we make sure our patients know which ones to avoid in those cases. You may want to consider abstaining from sticky candy such as caramels, sugar daddies, starbursts, gummies, caramel apples, sugar babies, licorice, toffee, tootsie rolls, now & laters, sugary gum, taffy, hard candy, popcorn and nuts.

Through our Campus Cash program, Braces U offers special treats to our patients and we also educate them on good oral hygiene and other healthy habits that truly makes having braces a piece of cake!  That way our patients can have their cake and eat it too!  If you have any questions, contact Braces U Orthodontics today and we’ll guide you through the process!  We also offer 6 convenient locations to suit your orthodontic needs.