BBBOur patients LOVE Braces U! But don’t just take our word for it, read some of these stellar reviews Braces U patients have written…

“I have never felt compelled to write a review of a business before, however, Braces U and my 16 year old son created my need to let others know of our experience. As a native of Fort Collins, picking a qualified orthodontist was not an easy decision. There a many quality orthodontic services in the area, but I am extremely thankful we chose Braces U. Dr. C. and his staff are professional, considerate and a pleasure to interact with. My son never complained about his appointments and always had a positive experience. He recently got his braces off and we both were grateful that the entire experience was so positive. His teeth look amazing and we thank everyone on staff who made the results such a confidence booster. My son commented that “it is obvious Dr. C. loves what he does for a living. I hope I can be the same way in my career.” Thank you for being such a positive contributor to our community through your kindness, professionalism and respect for others. Without hesitation, I look forward to recommending you services to others.” – Beth H. 9/23/2015 Better Business Bureau

“I had a permanent bottom retainer that broke on one side, after 7yrs. Braces U’s staff were incredibly friendly and cheerful, and sincerely eager to assist me! Doctor Lamb did an amazing repair job, it was quick & painless! I would highly recommend Braces U for all of the above reasons!!!” – Tara Thoen


“I just finished my treatment and it looks SO GOOD! Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. They worked very hard to make the treatment as easy as possible (including working with insurance). Highly recommended to anyone looking for Orthodontic treatment.” – Gabé S


“I work in the Orthodontic software industry and have had the opportunity to travel across the country to numerous practices. Dr Coombs and his staff have created one of the best patient experiences and company cultures at Braces U that I have witnessed. They are utilizing the latest technology to increase comfort, quality, and convenience throughout your entire treatment. What a great group of doctors and staff, that love working together to give you a perfect smile!” – Patrick McNulty


“Wonderful people and Dr.Coombs was awesome and super friendly. They gave me all the information I needed and made me feel very good about the process. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!” – Samie Trujillo


“Braces U was fast, helpful, and reassuring. I got my braces done quick and the dentist and orthodontists talked me through every step. All the staff were great!” – Sabrina Hoyt


“I love going to Braces U because the people are always nice. They make my braces treatment experience a good one!” – K Johnson-Smith


“My son loves going to Braces U in Laramie, WY. The staff is great – they are very helpful in explaining things to my son on how to care for his braces and they are always willing to answer all of my questions. I love that they come to Laramie and they are very professional.” – Shannon Shipp


“Really flexible people that give really convenient service. The whole ortho team is friendly and helpful.” – Tonya Searles


“My experience at Braces U was amazing, everybody is always so friendly and they look genuinely happy to see you. They are interested in you as a person, not just a form of income. Dr. Lamb started my orthodontic work years ago, and when he returned to the practice he remembered me personally. Dr. Coombs is personable and kind, he jokes around with his staff and clients, but still has a defined sense of professionalism. The staff at Braces U Orthodontics are always smiling and happy. They welcome you by name, and ask how your life is going. Overall it is a fantastic experience and a great place to get Orthodontic work done.” – Brittney Lawrence


“I have had braces for 1 1/2 years and whenever I come into the office everyone is very helpful towards me. The orthodontists are all super nice and they live to work with you. I love my experience here at Braces U!” – Taya Brickner


“We had a great experience with Braces U in Cheyenne today. My daughter especially did not want braces and was very concerned with how they look. Dr. Weaver was fantastic with her. He talked her through all the benefits of braces and why they were important. He reassured her they would take very good care of her and make her beautiful smile even better. She decided on Damon Clear because of the lower profile, and the braces were put on right then and there. I was pleased with the professionalism exhibited by all of the staff and with the organized manner business is conducted. The office is very kid friendly, and we are so happy we were referred to this office. Couldn’t be happier!” – Angie Allen


“My son was instantly impressed the moment we walked in. He said, “I like this place.” That’s a big deal for a teen. We made an appointment for a consultation, and less then two hours later my son walked out with braces.” – Mitch Graves


“My son is just starting treatment from Dr. Coombs, and it’s been great! The whole office has been friendly, patient, and accommodating to our needs. They make everything easy!” – Cathy Jones


“I felt very at home at Braces U. They make everything fast and easy! Best orthodontist I’ve been to!” – Cari Miller


“Having been through the whole braces thing once before with an older child, I have to say that I’m loving this experience a lot more. Drs. Lamb & Coombs are AWESOME and they are competitively priced. The office itself is nice and always clean and well stocked with beverages and offers free WiFi. Getting appointments has been simple and we rarely wait very long at all in the waiting area to be seen, they are ON TOP of the scheduling and that’s a huge advantage over my older child’s orthodontist experience. The front desk gals are so nice and genuinely want to be helpful and when you walk in they know who you are (once you’ve been in a couple times) and get you checked in without you saying a word. In fact, all the staff there are just great, they seem happy in their jobs and at their place of employment. They have a rewards system to help motivate the kids to keep their teeth clean and my daughter seems to respond to it. We have no regrets with our choice of Braces U.” – Rebecca Parish


“The people at Braces U are very nice! I am now going to have fantastic teeth!” – Barrick Edington

“The staff is all very friendly. They’re always open to questions and always want to make sure that things are feeling comfortable and going well and on track. Plus, if there are any problems that come up in between appointments, they’re always a call away so that I can come in to get the problem fixed. Since I’ve never had braces before, I was a bit nervous about getting them, but Braces U’s brackets are pretty comfortable and you start to not really notice or feel them. I’ve had my braces on since April of 2013 and I’m in the last stages of the procedure; you start to see significant changes very quick with these braces and I’m so happy with how my smile is turning out. I also like that there are many Braces U locations, because if I’m not in Laramie going to school, I’m in Cheyenne working, and it’s convenient that there are offices in both of those locations. I would definitely recommend Braces U to anyone considering getting braces in the northern Colorado and Wyoming area; they’re helpful, affordable, and they give great results.” – Mercedes Goepfert


“I love Braces U! I work in the dental field and had many options when choosing where to go for orthodontics. Dr. Coombs did a great job of giving me several options for treatment. As an adult, I was concerned with wearing metal braces for a long period of time and I was happy to find out that traditional metal brackets weren’t the only option I had. The assistants and front desk are wonderful, as well. Everyone is trained well and knows what they are doing! I am excited about getting my braces off, but am sad that I won’t see the friendly faces at Braces U as often. I definitely would recommend them for orthodontic treatment for children and adults, alike!” – Bree Beatty